When We Go…

Recently, a colleague that I had known only briefly asked me to answer a couple of intriguing yet provocative questions. At the time, I was taken aback by the idea that there was someone else in my life that also had a strong desire to explore such weighty musings. My friend asked me quite candidly:

“What happens to us when we die?  What will we be taking with us?”

The questions he posed really took me by surprise, but I definitely sensed that he wanted a description of fact rather than opinion or belief.

Laguna0Simply by calling on me, he helped me immensely. He may even have knowingly nudged me closer to the source of infinite understanding, causing another spiritual and psychic awareness to bloom within me once again. I had been posed with two simple yet wonderful questions, an earnest longing for the truth by someone I considered my mentor—not the other way around. Strangely enough, I never before believed they were significant enough to satisfy with an answer.

I wondered intently about what exactly would drive someone to want to know the answers to such questions and then wound up creating the same intense desire within myself. I needed to know the answers as well, and I subsequently remained attentive, listening for the sublime gift of knowledge during my daily meditation. I intentionally posed many of the ideas that I had learned from the spiritual community alongside the generous providence bestowed on me by my friend. (Please see the chapter “My Friend” found in The Primal Contradiction)

There may never be enough time to ponder all that we wish to know and understand but to
know what is truly important will forever peak my spiritual longing. Consequently, I maintained my focus just enough to allow the intuitive, and invariably veered away from any rational explanations that I might come up with on my own. And after several weeks had passed, the entire lesson surprisingly appeared quite reasonable to me—even rational.

I experienced the following impressions during meditation as well as afterward:

~ We will reunite with the one that longs for us.

~ Divine essence will bestow itself upon us and we will completely understand all of it once again.

~ We will know intimately all of the harms we received as well as those we inflicted during our time here.

~ We will begin to learn how the mind was created and the reasons for its attachments to such sources of unrest.

~ We will release everyone and everything until we become one with all again… and our love will expand infinitely.

~ We will begin to remember and continue to know everything we experienced during our lives as corporal beings and recall our existence before our time here.

~ We will have the power to embrace the knowledge we wish to retain.

~ We will continually perceive the essence of our existence as a relationship with not only the divine but also the divine in others.

~ We will never lose our individual awareness of our self or our divine oneness with our self because it has been with us eternally.

~ We will once again truly know the bliss of being one with others.

~ We will continue as… who we are.

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