About The Author

Daniel St. Clair was born in Pasadena, California. At the age of nineteen, he underwent a profound transformation of body and mind, leaving behind an apathetic, monotonous manner of existence and soon discovered that an unprecedented pathway brimming with both love and fear had been laid down for him. He ultimately became a student of life, opening his heart to others who share the desire to not only seek the unknown but also uncover its singular gift of wisdom.

5 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Kathleen Lamothe

    There is an energy coming through reading your excerpts so I wish to carry on reading whatever you have to offer. Life sounds interesting and challenging as does mine.

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    1. Daniel St. Clair Post author

      Thank you Kathleen.

      In many ways, it’s all about energy and how we are all connected together because of it! Adversity can be such a powerful teacher but we seldom are able to appreciate the fact until we have overcome it. The trick is getting used to it, little by little, until we are able to recognize when to intend the growth of our own determination and allow our habit of avoiding problems to decline. As I was recalling and writing down the memories from so long ago, I allowed that energy to pull me along, similar to pulling a string along the floor in front of a cat. I couldn’t help but follow the direction in which it lead me. I never even knew I wanted to tell my story until I actually began the process of writing the first page.




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